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Product Spotlight - HYMAX 2 Wide Range Coupling w/Flip Gasket

HYMAX introduces an innovative new coupling solution - the wide range HYMAX 2. HYMAX 2 coupling featuring a patented flip gasket that can easily flip in or out to accommodate different pip ODs, allowing for faster and more efficient installations. HYMAX 2 has all other features of the original HYMAX: 2 top-facing bolts for faster and safer installation, dynamic pipe deflection that minimizes the risk of future pipe breaks due to temperature changes and ground shifts.

The original game-changing HYMAX, created by Krausz, has been field-proven in millions of installations in the USA. New and Improved HYMAX 2 is a superior product.

Hymax 2 Wide-Range Flip Coupling Features

  • 860-54-0041-16; ND 1.5" EPDM Wide-Range Flip Coupling
  • Advanced Wide-Range Coupling with a Patented Flip Gasket
  • Eliminates Gasket Removal Mistakes and Maximizes Installer Work Efficiency
  • Only 2-4 Top Facing Bolts, For Faster and Safer Installation
  • Ready-to-Use Design to Eliminate Extensive Preparatory Under-Pipe Digging
  • Allows 4° Dynamic Deflection on Each End, Reducing Future Pipe Damage
  • Patented Hydraulically-Assisted Gasket with 2-Stage Sealing
  • Suitable for All Types of Pipes - Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Steel, Copper, PE, PVC, AC, GRP
  • One Product Can Connect Pipes of Two Different Materials
  • Based on the Game-Changing HYMAX that has Been Field-Proven in Millions of Installations in the US
  • Product Performance, OD Range and Pressures are Identical to Those of the Original HYMAX
  • Lifting T-Handle Exists in Sizes 3" - 12" ONLY

Product Resources

Download HYMAX 2 Wide-Range Coupling Brochure

Download HYMAX 2 Wide-Range Coupling Specifications

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