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Posted on Friday, February 22, 2013 by

How Lower Efficiency Can Reduce Overall Cost – Vortex Action

Joe Evans, Ph.D When we start the pump selection process for a particular application, one of our major concerns is efficiency. If several different models, of similar quality, meet our conditions we will usually select the one with the highest efficiency. After all, higher efficiency reduces the cost of electrical power. There are times, however, when efficiency can take a back seat to the true, overall cost of operation. Solids handling pumps used in municipal and...

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Posted on Friday, February 15, 2013 by

Third-party Sampling and Analysis for Field Performance

Mark Gross, Ph.D., P.E. I have a friend who always told me “bad data is worse than no data at all.” That can certainly be true in the case of using analytical data to make a decision regarding the performance of a small wastewater treatment system. In some cases, field performance verification is required for wastewater treatment systems. Also, nearly all National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permitted wastewater treatment systems are required to be sampled and analyzed for...

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Posted on Thursday, February 14, 2013 by

Over 65 Years Strong – Still Bringing it Since 1953

When Robert Charles Worst “RC” offered to buy out his father-in-law, Fred Brown’s complete share of Brown Construction Company in 1953, one has to wonder what Mr. Worst was thinking. Did he know his business decision would result in a 65+ year legacy including contributions by his son, two grandsons, one great grandson, and an excellent group of fine employees? Robert Charles Worst – “RC” RC lived through tougher times and always looked at every job as an opportunity to demonstrate efficiency...

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Posted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 by

Understanding Pump Cavitation

Hydraulic Institute. (Figure 1)NPSHA is the net positive suction head available of the system to the pump, and it is calculated during design and construction or determined from the actual system. And a valid equation to determine the NPSHA is:Where:Pb = atmospheric pressure (barometric pressure)Pv = vapor pressure of the delivery fluidPi = pressure in the closed intake vesselPs = pressure at the suction branch? = density of the delivery fluidci = velocity of the fluid in the intake vesselcs =...

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Posted on Friday, January 25, 2013 by

Extended Treatment Package Systems in Idaho

The business of finding solutions to difficult onsite wastewater challenges is right up R.C. Worst & Co.’s alley. For the past 9 years, R.C. Worst & Co. has been solving difficult, onsite wastewater issues with Orenco’s AdvanTex Wastewater Treatment Systems. The AdvanTex falls into the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality’s (IDEQ) description of an Extended Treatment Package System or ETPS. Although there are a few ETPS manufacturers IDEQ has identified as being acceptable to use in...

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