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Deming 7366-410-72-32N X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump 5.0 HP 575V 3PH 4ML Mono Vane

Price: $10,800.00
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SKU: DEM73664107232N

Shipping Weight:
269.0 LBS
Shipping Dimensions
Length: 19 In
Width: 14 In
Height: 31 In
WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Deming 7366 Series X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump

Deming Demersible Chopper Pumps solve clogging  with an innovative, unique, first-of-its-kind, patented chopping technology that slices even the most troublesome solids in waste stream. Demersible Chopper Pumps easily chop and pass solids like rags, mop heads, pillows, glass, organic material and literally any solid in the waste stream. Available in both standard and explosion proof designs. Demersible Chopper Pumps are offered from 3HP to 150HP in 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10" discharge sizes. White Iron (25% chrome) impellers are available as an option for abrasive applications involving sand, grit, gravel, ect.

Deming 7366 Series X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump Applications

  • Agricultural
  • Dairies & Food Processing
  • Marine - Onboard Processing
  • Commercial Waste Water - Schools, Correctional Facilities, High Risers, Zoos
  • Industrial Waste Water - Power &  Utility Plants

Deming 7366 Series X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump Features

  • Superior Solid Size Reduction and Non Clogging
    • Unique Patented Open Center Design that Chops and Passes Troublesome Solids
    • Proven Deming Hydraulics that can Pass Solids without Clogging
    • Heat Treated 440C Stainless Steel Chopping Blades with 53-60 HRC
    • Designed to Prevent Clogging Downstream Check Valve and Screens
  • Rugged & Reliable
    • Unique and Efficient Slicing Action Reduces Stress on Shaft and Seals
    • Chopping Blades Cut Hard Items with Minimal Impact on Sharpness
    • Long Lasting Blades that Don't Need Replacement for 7 to 8 Years
    • Cord Integral Moisture & Temperature Sensors
  • Ease of Servicing
    • High Quality Silicone Carbide/ Silicone Carbide Pump End Seals Reduces Seal Failure
    • All Wear Items Like Blades and Seals can be Replaced in the Field
    • Plug-n-Play Quick Connect Cord Facilitates Easy Pump Removal from Wet Well
  • Upgradability
    • Demersible Chopper Pumps can Easily Upgrade Existing Sewage Ejectors & Non Clog Pumps
    • Includes Accessories that can Fit into Rail Systems of Other Pump Brands
    • No Major Changes Required to Wet Well and Control Panel During Upgrade

Deming 7366-410-72-32N X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump Specifications

  • VOLTAGE: 3ø, 575V, 60Hz
  • AMP DRAW (full load): 6.0
  • MOTOR TYPE: Liquid Cooled
  • RPM: 1750
  • SWITCH TYPE: Manual
  • IMPELLER TYPE: Ductile Iron, 4ML Mono Vane
  • FRAME SIZE: #2

Deming 7366 Series X-Pruf Demersible Chopper Pump Performance Curve

WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm - Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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